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Cleaning Service Business Opportunity Analysis Service

Some of the readers may still be unfamiliar with the cleaning service business, because indeed recently the business has begun to be talked about, especially in big cities. Why is this business starting to rise in prestige ...? Nowadays in big cities with rapid development such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and others more and more high-rise buildings or other large buildings, such as office buildings, apartments, hotels, malls and others. Governments in the big cities set wages for employees with a minimum minimum minimum wage, an average of over 2 million. If calculated, the company hires employees for the cleaning service alone is not enough for 1 person, because this work is quite heavy. Therefore many companies today rather than recruiting employees for cleaning sevice duties, it is better to use the services of other parties, namely cleaning service. Not to mention just recruiting an employee, a company must prepare a long procedure, and also must prepare the cost of benefits, insurance and so forth, so using cleaning services would certainly be more practical and inexpensive, which on average per month cleaning service costs it ranges around - + 3 million. This makes the cleaning service business more desirable because there are more and more users of this service.

What should be prepared to start this business?

Because this business will have a lot to do with middle and large companies, as much as possible for those of you who plan to run it so that your business looks as professional as possible. If you have a special office to serve your prospective customers, it will certainly be better, you can rent a place or if possible, a part of the house is used as an office. Then you wake up so that your business looks convincing, by recruiting experienced employees, preparing quality equipment, obtaining a business license and also creating a professional website to show the impression of your business convincing.


How to Market Your Services?

How are you interested in running this cleaning service business, if you are interested you should also prepare a strategy to market your services so that the target of 10 clients or even more can be achieved. One surefire way, is to market your services through internet media. Today companies are certainly familiar with the internet, if your business is easy to find on the internet it will be very profitable. For the initial stage, you can use online marketing using Google Adword, so that your website can quickly appear on the front page of Google with the keywords you choose, after that it will be added by other online marketing methods. In addition, you can market the cleaning service business by going directly to the company you are going to, and also by distributing classified ads in the well-known mass media in your city. With ongoing promotions, your business will get customers and benefit.


How to get customers and keep them
The customer is certainly an important thing that must be owned in every line of business that you run, without the presence of customers, your business will not be able to survive and benefit.

If a business does not have many customers that means only rely on the arrival of new buyers, and it indicates that consumers who buy goods or services that you sell do not get satisfaction, so only once to shop or use your services.

One of the indications of satisfaction from the buyer is that the buyer returns to your place to shop for other items, and so on. So if that buyer has become your customer.

By having many customers, your business will always grow, for example, for example a furniture store, a consumer buys a cupboard, because the wardrobe is of good quality and is cheap, the consumer returns to the furniture store in a few weeks to buy a chair, for example, the assumption that the cupboard has been purchased the store is of good quality, so other merchandise is of the same quality, so sales of the furniture shop occur again.

By maintaining quality continuously the customer who is used to buying will also provide recommendations to other colleagues. So it can be imagined if from just one customer can generate a lot of sales especially if you have hundreds of customers, such a business can last for decades and even produce new business branches.

Keep Your Product Quality
The earliest step so that your business gets loyal customers is to sell goods or services that are truly quality, because this is where the process of starting your buyer becomes a regular customer.

If the goods or services that you sell are not quality, it is not possible for a buyer to come to shop a second time, even you will experience a loss because the dissatisfied buyer will assume all your goods or services are not quality, even if for example only some of the items are not quality .

And not yet there, they will also recommend to their colleagues that your goods are not quality. Very detrimental is not it?

How to maintain the quality of your products, of course, with strict quality control, if your business produces its own products must be considered from raw materials to products ready to sell. If you are a distributor, you must pay attention to suppliers so that the goods sold are of high quality.

By maintaining the quality of your product, it will automatically capture buyers into your regular customers.


Give the Best Service
After you have a quality product, the next is to provide maximum service to the buyer. Good service starts from when the buyer comes to our place, until the product is used by the buyer, we must provide support to the product being sold. For example, when you buy a gadget, you are usually given a guarantee for 1-2 years, it's one of the services provided by businesses.

Have you ever noticed if you shop in a shop, the shop owner and the buyer are sometimes very friendly to talk, which can be anything discussed, can be about the goods bought to discuss anything that is not related at all to the goods purchased. That is also one of the efforts of providing good service. With the conversation that is established usually the buyer feels more familiar with the seller, so that it continues with the transaction.

In addition, it can also provide services to buyers by making transactions easier, for example, to make payment as easy as possible and flexibly follow the wishes of the buyer, such as payment can be cash or by using a debit card, or payment can be made in due time with the terms and conditions set . such methods will make it easier for buyers.

Provide Extra Services For Customers
And don't forget that subscribers must also be given an award, especially if they have been in contact for a long time. the intention is to always establish a good relationship between you and the customer so that it will provide ongoing benefits. for example, by giving a special discount for customers who have often bought your product or service, or can also make it a member for example, special members later there will be a special gift.

Try to pay attention when shopping at Alfamart, have you ever been offered to become a member, the benefits of being a member when shopping the next will get a special discount, and besides also given points when shopping, which later points can be exchanged for various kinds of prizes. That is a way to attract customers to shop again to your place.

5 Ways to Start a Cleaning Service Business

With careful planning and the right strategy, starting a business call service cleaning can be an inexpensive and easy way to get you started. Especially if you live in a big city where most of the population is very busy. Needless to say, the market is still wide open to set up a cleaning service business.

Life in a city full of busyness makes not everyone has a lot of time to be able to clean his house. And not everyone is comfortable hiring household assistants who stay overnight at their homes. This makes the cleaning service business that can be called at any time will be very profitable.

There will always be a house that must be cleaned. And investment costs that are not too large at the beginning of the business will make this business very profitable. All you have to do is how to make your business stand out as a quality and trustworthy cleaning service provider. The following are 5 ways to start a cleaning service business that you can start from now.


1. Start with a mature business understanding

Maybe you will think, to start this business you only need a bucket and a mop. Of course that's not true. To start a business, even if it looks like a simple business, you will still start with a careful planning. What you need to remember is, you will not move to a cleaning business, you are in a business that prioritizes service to customers.

Of course, not all of your customers will have the same thoughts about how you can clean their house. And it is your job to be able to fulfill the desires of your customers. Meeting the wants and needs of customers is the most important thing that you have to believe is true that you can do it.

Starting a business with a thorough understanding of what every customer needs is a must. You might be able to sell a modest service, but believe your business will not last long because you do not provide different "value" that you can provide to your customers.


2. Prepare products and methods that support your services

Preparing a quality inventory of cleaning products will give you more value in the eyes of the customer. Only use cleaning products that have been trusted and proven effective for cleaning the house and all the furniture in your customer's home. You should be able to provide an explanation to customers if they ask about the product you are using.

It is likely that there will be some customers who are more comfortable if you use the cleaning products they usually use, because maybe their home furniture does require special cleaning products. You certainly must be familiar with the rules of use of these products. Take time to learn for a moment how to use the product before you actually use it.

Another thing you should consider is how to protect business assets such as the cleaning supplies you have. Because it could be, you will find some workers who are dishonest and embezzled your inventory of cleaning items. Make sure you have prepared the right method for being able to monitor your stock of cleaning supplies.

One way you might be able to do this is always take notes and force your workers to make receipts every time they take supplies of cleaning supplies from the warehouse. Keeping a complete record will give you a clear picture of how to calculate profits and estimate where your business is from.


3. Hire staff who understand the value of your business

At the beginning of your business, maybe you can do it alone to handle all the service calls you get. But as your business grows, you will definitely need to hire several staff. Although it seems easy and does not require special education to do the job of cleaning the house, but still must recruit the right people.

Make sure the people you are recruiting are highly committed people you can trust. Because once again, what you have to pay attention to is, you don't just sell cleaning services, you also buy customer trust. You must ensure this value is also understood by your staff. So that your business will continue to be in the direction you want.

The quality of the staff you employ is the most important component of your business success. Because they are the ones who will represent the big names of the business that you are starting now. Your success in instilling the value of your business into each of your staff will facilitate your path to business success.


4. Designing effective payment methods

Because your business requires you or your staff to travel to a customer's home, you must be able to design effective payment methods. Of course if you are still working alone, payment in cash after you have finished doing the work might not be a problem. However, if your business has grown, and you may not do this service alone, then an effective and accountable payment method becomes a necessity.

In the development of advanced technology as it is today, you can create a kind of website specifically for your business. Where the website will explain your business profile, what are the benefits of using your services, and make it easier for customers to order and make payments in cash with no transfer method.


5. The best service for customers

As has been described previously, being in the cleaning service business means that you do business service to customers. It is important for you to build relationships with your customers. Listen to all complaints and input from them carefully, open your mind that not always the way you work is the best.

Building customer trust is not easy. You will need a lot of energy and time to do it all. However, believe me in the end you will enjoy the results. By building customer trust, then indirectly, your business will be able to develop by itself.

Congratulations on building your cleaning service business, and keep the spirit to provide your value to customers. Fall and wake you might feel, but in the end if you are strong then you will always find a reason to survive. May success always accompany your business trip. Send regards for success.